every new beginning…

so here it is… the obligatory first blog post.  this is where i tell you my why’s and my how’s.  this is where i tell you my dreams and desires… and where i try to sell you on why you should read my blog over (or at the very least along with) all the other 112 million blogs (as of december 2007) out there.  so here we go…

i am a worship and arts pastor at oak park church of christ in calgary, alberta canada.  it is a fantastic little church with a big heart and far more artistic talent than a church of this size should have.  for that i am thankful.

i decided that it was time to blog… last night actually.  i was taking part in a panel discussion for a worship and music class at rocky mountain college (my alma mater).  afterwards, while basking in the self-affirming afterglow that comes from listening to my own voice for two hours, my wife (who was in the class) commented on how she wished i had more time to share from my wealth of knowledge and experience (she’s so supportive).  while i feel like i have many more questions and half-formed ideas than tangible wisdom, i did like the idea of having a forum to toss out ideas and hopefully engage in some sort of dialogue about worship, art, music, ministry, and… you know, life.

but there is another reason.

during the panel discussion doug pippus (lead pastor of hope for life christian fellowship in calgary) made a comment about court jesters that i found interesting.  back in the days of monarchs (before they were impotent figureheads) the jester was in the unique position of being the only person in court who could tell the king off; the only person who could criticize him; the only person who could offer up a different sociocultural perspective.  pastor pippus believes (at least this is what i got out of it) that in the same way, artists need to be the people, in our world today, offering a different perspective on what is going on; on what we see and believe.  we need to be jesters.

i think he is right.

we so easily drift into perceptions of ourselves and our world without giving thought to the bigger pictures of reality and faith and God.  this is why we have holy wars.  this is why we, as the body of christ, are so scattered and divided.  we as humans are hardwired for conviction and will often form opinions without appropriate consideration (or appropriate humility for that matter).

we are easily deluded.  i am easily deluded.

my heart is as skeptical as it is soft.  more than anything this blog is a place where i hope to sort through my conflicting natures and hopefully have a good time (and a few laughs) doing it.

i hope you join me.  i hope you “weigh in” with your perspective and experience.  i hope that we as people (whether artist or worshipper or minister or however you would define yourself) can spur each other on to become more creative and daring communicators of how we see and hear, taste and smell and feel the world, life and faith.  even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an “artist” or “minister” or “christian”, i hope that you find something interesting and valuable in the musings that follow.

so…yeah.  i like to end my blog posts with a “huh” kind of feeling… and i think i’ve done that, so… goodnight.

p.s. i’ll give you 1000 points if you can complete the title of this post.  hint: i’m looking to you minnesota.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kate says:

    comes from some other beginning’s end! this explains everything.

  2. shawn says:

    yes it does… 1000 points to Kate!

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