christmas: best/worst/best again…

So, I all this week I’ve frantically been getting ready for Christmas. I love Christmas for the fun, the friends and family, the presents, the warm, cozy good times (and of course – the birth of Jesus). I hate what it is for working in a church. There’s so much to do; so many expectations and, consequently, so few resources/helpers. So December is basically just a frenetic blur for me. This week we are redecorating the church, which I’m excited about because there are things that need cleaning and reorganizing. I also am ready for a new look; a new feel to the Sunday morning experience. I find I get bored if the same thing happens for too long (see a couple posts back for my pontificating on the wonders of service diversity). I hope it turns out well.

Ummm…. I’ve been reading a really cool book lately. It’s called “A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts and Deceives”. So far it’s been very funny and painfully illuminating – everything a good book should be. I’ll summarize it a little more once I’m further in. In the meantime, check it out for yourself… go on, then. Check it out.


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