carols… part I

Around this time last year I was leading worship for our Sunday service. It was a really good morning. We did a bunch of different songs, including an arrangement of “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” that I did. At the end of the service as I wrapped up our closing song (probably Here I Am To Worship or something like that) our pastor came up to give his closing remarks. As he was talking a woman shouted out “Aren’t we gonna sing carols?!”
Steve, being the champ that he is, took it in stride and said “Come next week and we’ll be singing lots of carols”
“No! Now! Silent Night, or anything!”
At this moment I broke out of my stunned trance and, like the monkey I am, obeyed my master’s voice and jumped into Silent Night. The song continued as people awkwardly filed out of the Sanctuary.

I think my only words to Steve after that was “well, that was weird.”

I love Christmas.


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  1. joshua says:

    this one time, i was at a meeting and the preacher was just finishing up. i guess this one dude in the audience had visions of starting up a rousing rendishin of “amazing grace”. The only thing was, no one joined in. I thought it was effing hilarious because dude had a terrible voice. i hafta give him props thought, he sang the whole song by himself, filling the awkward silence with his atonal presence.yah. that story’s not as good as yours, shawn.- josh

  2. kate says:

    //filling the awkward silence with his atonal presence// i’m dying with laughter. i suppose, though, if you have visions that aren’t being, ah, *met* you just have to step up and make it happen whether you can sing or not? wow.i can’t believe that woman! and i love and understand that you just… did it. because what on earth else was there to do?

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