Well, it is a rare treat when I get to tell you all about another Glen Phillips release not more than a month after the last one. Today as I ventured over to his website I was hit with this little gem…

It is a very different sound than Glen usually puts out, but that’s what I love about this guy; he does what he wants and has fun with his music. It’s really cool! Like the comment on his page says: “Hmm. Something new. Whatever could it be? Not what you’re expecting, but precisely what you need.”

I’ve never heard him do something like this before… I’m actually pretty awestruck right now. I think the best description I’ve heard of it is electro/indie/rock. He apparently described it as “disco geek summation”. I’m listening to it right now, and it’s actually pretty rad and brilliant. Definitely worth a listen if you dig the whole Imogen Heap/Radiohead sound. “Blood Pressure Rise” is a pretty cool song… actually the whole thing is pretty awesome… (I’m especially digging right now on the first track… super funky rad, and about World of Warcraft which is hilarious).

I’m just rambling now. So to summarize: New Glen Project. Super different. May take a couple of listens. Pretty effing rad. I recommend it. Check it out here!


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