how i praise…

Week after week I have the joy and privilege (and sometimes challenge) of leading my church family in worship. We are a mix of so many different tastes and styles and perspectives; we each have our own “voice” and own “pathway” that leads us into the presence of God. Some of us like nature, some of us like art. Some of us like to intellectually delve into the mysteries of God, some of us like to gently rest in the arms of our Father. Once in a while people ask me what my pathway is. Well, I’m going to tell you.

It is no mystery that I connect deeply with the heart of God through music; however, within the realm of music, my heart sings its loudest song in moments of space. I love moments where there are no words. Where thoughts and feelings are conveyed through rhythm and melody. I love jamming out with a band and letting all of our different personalities weave together to create a moment that can never be recreated (especially if they are people named Brett, Brody, Greg, Andrew, and Nicolai). I love playing with my eyes closed and letting all of my thankfulness, peace, and joy, hurt, doubt and confusion take flight on the wings of song, knowing that they rise up to God as the sweetest sound to his ears because I am his child.

Practically speaking, I think this is one of the reasons I love the song “My Deliverer” so much; because of the bridge that consists of nothing more than some killer chords and a soaring melody that just says “Oh”. No words, no reasons; just deep calling out to deep.

Really, at the heart of all of this is my desire to seek a “space” of worship rather than a “sequence”. To once in a while, put aside the “this, than this, than this” mentality of our gathering and to just take a moment to be… even if it’s just for 8 measures.

Space over sequence can be a difficult thing to achieve in a church service, but it’s something I want to aim for more this year.


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  1. Frake says:

    I agree; leaving space I think will force people to find their own path again, instead of (like the carols) brainlessly follow the words/ music. (Some popular worship songs can create the same effect as carols).I know for me, when you leave space, it reminds me again of “why am I here” and it urges me to take initiative again and worship God on my own accord; to enter the door again.

  2. Jessie says:

    I think you have the best artist statement… ever … there, now I’ve told you.

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