this would have been really helpful…

The Harry Potter fanzone has a list of all of the spells that exist in the Harry Potter world. Here is one particular spell that I just became aware of:

Name: Homorphus Charm
Description: This charm will force a werewolf to return to its original human state.

As my friend Brett pointed out, this would have been really useful in The Prisoner of Azkaban and would have saved a lot of trouble.

The power of hindsight…


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  1. joshua says:

    it’s 20/20, man, hindsight is. – joshp.s. i just found out that the two numbers in your eye evaluation measure the comparable distance between what you can see and a ‘normal’ person can see at 20 feet. for example, 11/17 vision would mean that my left eye sees clearly at 11 feet what a normal person sees at 20 feet and my right eye can see at 17 feet what a normal person can see at 20, i wrote way too much.sorry, dude.- josh again

  2. Nic says:

    Perhaps Hermione should have spent less time studying spells for Herbology and more in laugh)

  3. as a note for those who are, i just found where the spell was mentioned – lockhart mentions it in Chamber of Secrets, of course he claims to have performed the spell himself, as chronicled in his book “Wandering with Werewolves”.

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