the thing about ideas is…

“I always just prefer to use up my best idea today. If I have a writing session with someone, and I have a great new idea, I always show it to them and ask if they want to work on it. It’s a way of betting that I’ll have another better idea tomorrow or next year.

When you make the bet that you will always have another great idea, it gets a lot easier to risk the current one, get it out into the world, put it into circulation.
And when you put that current idea into circulation, it multiplies.
Your idea will get better when other people handle it and give it back to you.
And your community will start to think of you as somebody with great ideas, and they’ll start to ask you for more ideas.
Ideas are like the opposite of money, the more you spend them, the more they increase.”

-from Dan Wilson’s Commencement Speech at McNally Smith School of Music

Moral of the story: Don’t hog your best ideas. Don’t stuff them away where nobody can find them. Scatter them like seeds and trust that more and better ideas will bloom as a result of your generosity. Thanks for the reassurance, Dan.

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