one word reviews II

A while ago I posted some “one word reviews” for some of the albums I’d been listening to.  It was a fun challenge, summing up my thoughts in one-ish word.  That was a while ago, since then I’ve picked up a bunch of new albums and I suppose I’ll tell you what I think of some of them.  I’m still going to try to stick to the ‘one word’ idea, but it’s hard… let’s just keep in mind the ‘spirit of the law’ rather than the ‘letter of the law’, okay?

Muse – “The Resistance”: Queen+Radiohead+Rachmaninoff

Hillsong – “Beautiful Exchange”: stadium worship at its best

Stars – “The Five Ghosts”:  haunting.  (yeah… you saw that coming).

Passion – “Passion: Awakening”: still sleeping

Sarah McLachlan – “Laws of Illusion”: Sarah with a broken heart – 😦 for her 🙂 for me.

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix: makes Sara dance

Gungor – “Beautiful Things” – pleasantly eclectic

Peter Gabriel – “Scratch My Back”: stark. emotional. beautiful.


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