Our Song

This is a song several months ago.   It was (and still is) a prayer for my church (Oak Park) and The Church.

Christianity is a funny beast.   Despite being historically built on the life, death and belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it bears the mark of so much flawed humanity.

In today’s North American culture, a faith in the redemptive nature of a real and loving God is synonymous with a host of polarizing politics and opinions.  As has been said, the Church is more known for what it is against (and we can’t even agree on that) than what it is for.

This is, of course, not every church or every Christian.   It is however an example of the few ruining it for the many, and it is a reality that we, as Christians seeking to be vessels of restoration to a broken world, need to recognize. But I digress…

We are a flawed faith, if only because we are a flawed people.  Yet, that doesn’t prevent God from breaking through and changing us, even using us to make this world what is should be.  And, to me, that is beautiful and worthy of song.  Which brings me back to the song.

It is probably my favourite song I’ve written in the last year.  There’s just something so simple and genuine about it, you could almost say “pure”… in fact, I will.

Also, this video is adorably self-aware, which makes me like that I did it even more.  And yes, it is a live take, flubs and all… what a strange word, “flub”.  Flub.  Flub.  Flub.


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