The B/S Show: Pilot Episode – “Who We Are and What We Like”

Here is the pilot episode for our brand new podcast about all the things we like: video games, music, movies, books, faith, and general nerdery.  “B” and I had a ton of fun doing this, and we hope that that translates into fun for you, our dear listeners.

Oh yeah!  A quick correction:  In the episode we talk about sending email questions, comments and ideas to a particular email address.  After recording we set up a different email address (but were too lazy to fix it in the podcast).  Ignore the email that we mention and instead, send anything you like to … yeah, it’s pretty much the best email address ever.

So enjoy our little wannabe radio show!

UPDATE: You can download the audio file to put on your ipod’s, computers, etc. by going to the site rss feed, or you can go directly to the bs show rss feed


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Deanna says:

    I can feel it. This is the beginning of great things. Or nerdy things. Nevertheless, I shall listen.
    Really glad you gave a proper shout-out to Scott Pilgrim.
    I’m glad you kept it ‘organic’ 🙂

    D (and there’s no ‘bags’ on the end of that…B. I found out what that means THIS YEAR! haha)

    1. shawnbaran says:

      Thanks D (no bags)! B and I were taking about who we thought our most loyal listener would be and I said you. I’m glad you are thus proving me right!

      PS “this is the beginning of great things. Or nerdy things.” – is there a difference?

  2. BrandonChad says:

    Well done BoyS (see how I got both letters in there?)

    I’ll try to be your second most loyal listener, though, if I’m honest, i have a problem with commitment. So far, however I’m going strong, as is your show!

    keep it up

    1. shawnbaran says:

      Thanks BCW, I believe in you!

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