The B/S Show: Episode 2 – “I Believe Virtually Everything I Read…”

A follow-up discussion to our last episode.  In this one we ask the question “How can you, as a pastor, read a book series that you can’t recommend in good conscience”.  Tough question.  It’s one that we kinda-sorta-not-really answer, but check it out and weigh in on the discussion.

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(1000 bonus points if you can name the movie that this weeks title comes from…)


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  1. Deb Froese says:

    Hi Guys; enjoyed your podcast very much. It is an issue Shawn and I have discussed before and found we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Though I agree we cannot comment on something we know nothing about, we as believers need to be cautious what we expose ourselves to. I am so grateful to those believers who are strong enough to view questionable material and not be unduly influenced by it. Derek Prince states the greatest evil is not sexual sin but deception. We have been warned in the Scripture that even the elect will fall away believing deceiving spirits. The enemy is very good has being 99% accurate and that 1% is enough to send people into deception. Scripture says we are to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves. We do need to know what the enemy is doing so that means we do need to read “those” books and watch “those” movies but this needs to be done always with the lense of Truth. As always Shawn, I appreciate ou making me think outside the box.

  2. Nicole says:

    Love it! Makes me think we need to go to a movie again soon!

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