Freek’s Paintings

My friend Freek is a genius.  I am consistently amazed by his creativity and ingenuity.  Even more than that, I am inspired by the humble, unassuming way that his brilliant artistic eye approaches life.  Case in point:

The dude goes camping and after an evening fire sees that one of the sticks has burned to charcoal and he thinks “hmmm… you can draw with charcoal”.  Nothing out of the ordinary there, I’m sure we’ve all picked up a burnt stick and drawn on stones or concrete before.  But look at what Freek does:

Seriously?  I’ve known people who will slave away to make something that doesn’t look nearly as good as this (eg. me), and here’s Freek out in the woods, picking up a stick and the next thing you know… art.
I encourage you to check out his blog if you haven’t, or check it again if you haven’t in a while because he’s always putting up little gems like this that capture the essence of pure creativity… lived in the moment… just for the joy of it.

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  1. Freek says:

    Thanks Shawn, super encouraging! I really appreciate your motivating words. You’re totally right though; art, or creating art should often be completely separate from motivations like filling an agenda, making money, or getting recognition or feedback. It’s just like putting something beautiful out there, for the sake of no reason.

    Looking forward to your album big time!

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