Of Timekeepers and Oppressors…

Lately I’ve been ripping all of my TVD, or TV on DVD as some call it, but TVD just rolls off the tongue better… I don’t know why it hasn’t taken off more.  What was I talking about?  Right…

Lately I’ve been ripping all of my TVD on to my computer to watch on my Apple TV (don’t worry, none of my TVD’s have digital locks on them, and I purchased them all myself, so according to Canadian Copyright Law, I am in the clear.  I understand why you’d be concerned though, current copyright law is confusing, counter-intuitive, and a bit crap).

Here’s what I’ve noticed while going through the ripping process: all of the episodes are freakishly close to the same length.  Seriously, we’re talking, like 5 second differences in episode length.

This got me thinking that to write and edit a TV show that meets (no more, no less), a specific time limit while making it feel natural and well paced (not to much filler, not too rushed), must take a special kind of genius to pull off.

Just think about how hard that would be; it’s such a fine line to walk.  Again, we’re talking seconds here.  Example: Gilmore Girls Season 1 disc 5.  1st episode: 44:27.  2nd episode: 44:23.  4th episode: 44:26.

A tip of the hat to all you writers, directors and editors, you just blew my mind.


Now for something slightly related, but mostly different…

Earlier in this post I mentioned how current copyright law is “confusing, counter-intuitive, and a bit crap”.  This is actually something that I have spent a lot of time reading about, learning about and pondering, especially because it affects me, not only as a consumer and appreciator of the arts & entertainment, but also as an artist.

It also affects you.

I’ve wondered for a while whether or not to share some of my thoughts and opinions on the matter, and for a while, I decided not to.  After all there were many others who were more knowledgable and well-spoken on the matter.  Then, today, I came across this little snippet shared by Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing.  It enraged me to the point of HULK SMASH.  So, I’ve decided that our oppressive and maddening copyright law (in other words, what we can and cannot legally do with all media that we consume) is an issue that needs more exposure.  Here is a link to the article…

UK government hands £500M copyright enforcement and censorship tab to nation’s Internet users

And so it begins…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    Actually you had said it was courterintuitive. I was so excited to find out what courterintuitive meant!

    1. shawnbaran says:

      is it worrisome that it took me reading this comment 5 times to see what the problem was? I’m smrt.

    2. shawnbaran says:

      I fixed it… I’m sorry.

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