Never Been High: A Lament

As I wrote last week, I had my wisdom teeth taken out.  I’m still not 100%, but everyday is getting better (minus the trip I took to the dentist yesterday because of lingering pain… don’t worry, it’s all good, I’m just a wussy wussy waah waah).

My friend Nicole sent me this video with a note saying “at least you weren’t as bad as these two…”.  Can I be honest and say that I kinda wish I was?  I was a good little boy all my life and as a result I’ve never been stoned or high or anything like that.  This surgery was my one chance and I feel ripped off.  I was a little stumbley.  That’s it.  I didn’t talk weird, I didn’t see stuff; no crazy mind trip, I just stumbled around a bit.

Any of you have any wisdom teeth trip out stories?  I’d love to live vicariously through them.  In the meantime, I’ll just live through these two… (thanks, Nicole!)


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