The B/S Show: Snowed Out… Have a Ringtone!

Happy Tuesday!  Bad news: because of the mad amounts of snow in Calgary, we have no new episode this week 😦  Please believe me when I say we attempted to cross the ocean of whiteness that separates us, but to no avail.

However, all is not lost.  Because of your awesome support for our little show, I found this on iTunes yesterday:

(make sure you scroll down past the picture… there’s more).

Holy crap!  We made the iTunes top 3 “New & Noteworthy” in the Religious category.  That’s awesome!

So, as a way to say both “thank you” (for making our show ‘new and noteworthy’) and “sorry” (for letting weather put a halt on what was probably going to be the best episode ever) we are offering a very special treat to y’all:

Official B/S Ringtones!

To download your very own super awesome ringtone click here and enter the super secret password: thebsshow

iPhone users: select the file that says “iphone” in the name and ends with “m4r”.  Other mobile users can download the file that ends with “mp3” (I think that will work, I don’t know for sure though as I have an iPhone).

Thanks for being such fantastic listeners… see you next week!


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