Peter Gabriel and the Mozo/Moses song cycle…

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m a big Peter Gabriel fan.  Because this is now so widely known, I’m often being sent links to stuff pertaining to the P-Gabes.  Today I was sent one by Steve from Dave Wainscott’s holy heteroclite blog that was an article talking about Peter’s oft-mentioned-in-fan-forums-rarely-explained Mozo song cycle.

Gabriel created a character named Mozo, the name an intentional play on “Moses.”   I remember the name being referenced in the second solo album’s “On the Air,” where an intriguing messy, messianic dude longs to  makes his presence known to the world  via shortwave radio as he (broadcasts) by night from his home in a trash dump, but I never connected him to Moses;  never hyperlinked to the idea that Gabriel was playing Mozo on the cover of said album (see above), and never realized he and others from the intended project showed up in other songs/albums…

Let alone know that “Red Rain,” which I had long  felt/heard was ultimately the blood of Jesus overcoming the Exodus plagues (see “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the Red Rain of Jesus“) …..was the very centerpiece of the song cycle and story.

Gabriel has always been Godhaunted and Bible-embedded, maybe most obviously in the apocalyptic 25-minutes exorcism/anthem, “Supper’s Ready,”  or  praying through “In Your Eyes”…but Gabriel doing Moses (or as Mozo/Moses), that’s a film I’d see.

The post is a very interesting read, not only because it talks about many of Peter’s intentions and ideas for the song cycle, but also because it offers great insight into the meaning/inspiration of some of his songs.  Peter Gabriel is, to me, an artist who constantly challenges me to embrace, rather than fight against (as we often do in the church) the convergence of life and spirituality in art.  It also features some great interview clips and music videos.

Peter Gabriel’s mercurial, disruptive, Moses: the Mozo song cycle and making gold from crap


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  1. Josh says:

    This IS cool. Love your stuff, Shawn.

    – Josh

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