The B/S Show: Episode 20 – we <3 teh internets

Hi folks, sorry for the delay, teh internets let us down yesterday when we tried to upload the episode.  That little hiccup does nothing to diminish our affection for technology, though, and that’s what you’re getting this week.  Initially we wanted to have a really intelligent conversation about how and why the internet and technology makes life better… in the end we just kinda played on our iPhones and gushed like little fanboys about all the cool stuff that we have learned.  Still, technology is fascinating, and these are amazing times we’re living in, so, if nothing else, we hope you walk away from this week’s episode with a little bit of child-like wonder… because you are listening to our voices.  On your iPhones.  Or iPads.  Or computers.  Our voices.  You are listening to them and we aren’t even anywhere near you.  WOW!


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