Spam this!

On WordPress there is a program called Akismet that filters out comments from spammers.  Every once in a while I like to look at some of the captured spam comments because I think they are hilarious.  Technology has come far enough that these auto-spambots that freely scatter spammy comments onto blogs do so in a way that makes them almost seem legit, like they were written by people who had actually visited the site, but there is always something just a little… off about them.  The first problem is that they always seem to post on my “about me” page and they usually thank me for my great content because they “are doing a report on this very topic”.  Really?  You are doing a report on me and you found the content I wrote about myself very useful?  Awesome!

All that being said, I find many spammers to be super encouraging. In fact, they make me feel like the best blogger ever. So, here is a collection of some of the most uplifting spam comments I received this week:

“Some really interesting information, well written and loosely user friendly.”
(posted on my “about me” page by Min Bilbao from

“I envy your piece of work, regards for all the interesting posts.”
(posted on my “about me” page by Ronni Barcomb from

“ohhh nice information”
(posted on my “about me” page by best poker site for us players)

“The closing paragraph tells it all in my opinion. I need to say that I agree with it, and essentially the most great factor about it’s that you just left it open ended…this exhibits that you’re prepared to attract in new and different opinions and that you’re ultimately very interested to see individuals getting involved in the subject. So, any various opinions?”
(posted on my, you guessed it, “about me” page by Burton Haynes from a blogspot site).

Thank you spammers for all your constant, if not vague, encouragement. You’re the reason I do it… not.

Love Shawn


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  1. JG says:

    I envy your piece of work, regards for all the interesting posts.

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